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Diego Klattenhoff Heading To ‘Pacific Rim’; Jai Courtney Battling Tom Cruise In ‘One Shot’

Written by on September 29, 2011 

The past couple of months have been quiet for Pacific Rim, with most of the major casting being complete and pre-production currently underway. So, for the first time in more than a month, a new piece has come out on Guillermo del Toro‘s monsters vs. robots epic, and it’s Variety informing us that Mean Girlsa will have a role in the film.

Although this would normally be a minor piece of information, it becomes a little more curious when Variety says that the actor’s part is “being kept under wraps,” with him “expected to appear in the opening scene.” Not much has gotten out about Travis Beacham‘s script, making the guessing process a little moot. But, if I had to throw one out, I’d assume that he helps start the uprising of the sea creatures that create much of the film’s conflict; merely a prediction. We’ll find out when Pacific Rim opens on July 12th, 2013, bringing a cast to the screen that also includes Charlie Hunnam Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Rinko Kikuchi, Willem Dafoe, Max Martini, Clifton Collins Jr., and Rob Kazinsky.

Since del Toro almost directed Tom Cruise in At the Mountains of Madness, there’s some kind of connection between the previous news item and this one, right? Just pretend that I’m making sense for two seconds, and let me tell you that Jai Courtney will be in Christopher McQuarrie‘s One Shot. Deadline reports on the development, which has the Spartacus: Blood and Sand star playing “a highly trained sniper who is motivated to stop” Cruise‘s Jack Reacher. The story centers on Reacher, an investigator trying to crack the mystery of sniper, named James Barr, who declares innocence and asks for him after (supposedly) killing five people; not bad for a guy who’s primarily worked in TV thus far.

He’s joining Rosamund Pike, David Oyelowo, Alexia Fast, and, most recently, Robert Duvall in the Lee Child adaptation that’s been set to open on February 8th, 2013. Some may want a little more over the next sixteen months plus, so perhaps a set photo of Cruise will help them get started. Coming from Celebuzz, it shows the actor getting out of a 1970 Chevelle SS; that’s it. See it below:

How well do you know the output of either actor? Will they make good additions to Pacific Rim and One Shot?

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