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Diego Boneta Cast As Adam In ‘Paradise Lost’; Mickey Rourke Joins ‘Java Heat’; Jena Malone Leading ‘Lonely Hunter’

Written by on October 10, 2011 

With a starring role alongside Tom Cruise in next year’s Rock of Ages, things are looking good for newcomer Diego Boneta. To make matters even better, Variety tells us that, after being rumored about a week ago, he’s “in final negotiations” for the part of Adam in Paradise Lost. The Alex Proyas-directed adaptation of John Milton‘s poem has pulled together an eclectic and strong ensemble, featuring Bradley Cooper, Casey Affleck, Djimon Hounsou, Ben Walker, Camilla Belle Callan McAuliffe, and Dominic Purcell.

Anyone who isn’t up on their Bible studies would be well-off knowing that Adam, a.k.a. the first man, was exiled from the Garden of Eden after Eve ate that darn forbidden fruit; I’m willing to guess that you already knew this, however. This is the basic gist of their tale, but Milton‘s poem presents them as complex individuals who commit acts in a more self-aware manner than how they’re normally depicted. (Adam knowingly eats the fruit so as to bind him closer to Eve, for example.) What I want to know is if they’ll divide their story from the war portions, as was done in the original story; it could be more interesting, structure-wise. We should find out when Paradise Lost opens in late 2013.

Variety is also reporting on a new action picture called Java Heat. Directed by Conor Allyn (and co-written with his father, Rob), it centers on “a mysterious American who teams with a Muslim cop to track down a new breed of klepto-terrorists in Southeast Asia.” The two leads have already been nabbed — Immortals actors Mickey Rourke and Kellan Lutz will be playing “the jewel thief who masterminds the terrorist acts” and the mysterious American, respectively.

The independent project is being produced by the father and son team through Margate House; this is also Allyn‘s first American film, with his only prior feature directing credits being Darah garuda – Merah putih II and Hearts of Fortune, both of which are from his native land of Indonesia.


Lastly, ThePlaylist has learned of a new starring role for Jena Malone. As they report, she’ll lead The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, an adaptation of Carson McCullers‘ classic novel that’s set to be directed by Deborah Kampmeier. Set in 1930s Georgia, the story follows a deaf-mute named John Singer and his experience with, among others, Mick Kelly, the owner of a home that he ends up living in. The Kelly character is based on the author herself.

Malone hasn’t really been given the chance to do something substantial throughout her career; side roles in films like Donnie Darko and Into the Wild have always managed to impress, but that isn’t quite enough for someone as talented as her. Sucker Punch didn’t exactly help out her mainstream appeal, either, but few people came away from that with a better image. Looking at the specifics of this role, in terms of the character arc, makes it seem like this is the dramatic boost she needs. I really hope I’m right in this case.

Is Boneta a good Adam for Paradise Lost? Do these two new projects catch your attention? What about their casting?

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