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Diablo Cody’s Directorial Debut Assigned New Title; ‘Evil Dead’ Pushed Up

Written by on January 30, 2013 

When not forced to deflect psychotic reactions her work can induce in some afraid to confront their own misogyny, Diablo Cody is able to produce more ammunition for the unbalanced. While the public hasn’t heard much since Young Adult came at the tail end of 2011, she, as of late, is completing work on a first foray into directing. When that, too, has been without word for a decent length of time, however, those who care are generally out of luck.

The writer-director broke silence in a recent interview with THR, wherein it was revealed that the project, once known as Lamb of God, is now going by the less-evocative moniker of Paradise. There were a few notes about the difficulties of moving into this new field (all of which are worth reading), but what most want to hear concerns a release — and, taking Cody at face value, that will happen this year. While no distributor’s been lined up — something which, you know, is kind of important in releasing a movie — the ever-reliable Mandate Pictures have this one in their hands.

Knowing that Cody‘s nabbed Julianne Hough, Russel Brand, Nick Offerman, Octavia Spencer, and Holly Hunter, a home shouldn’t be so hard to find.

On Twitter, Bruce Campbell himself announced that the Cody-penned Evil Dead remake will spatter across theaters on April 5th — one week up from its original date of April 12th. Unlike a number of release shifts, this is worth looking at from one or two angles. We hold a few reservations about this one’s prospects — at this point, you can’t blame us for feeling that way about a horror remake — but the previews show something with a lot of bite. That it was originally hit with an NC-17 is a sign it’ll deliver in one department; the rest isn’t so clear. Still, moving it away from 42 and Scary Movie 5, now only in the immediate company of Jurassic Park 3D, could be taken as confidence from Sony about this will deliver. I hope they weren’t mistaken.

For yourself, there any outlook on Cody’s first feature? What does the Evil Dead push say to you?

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