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Despite Common Sense, ‘Mr. Ed’ Rides Again

Written by on September 21, 2012 

Oh, right: Fox had plans to make a “hip” Mr. Ed film. That nearly year-old proposition, awful as it is, almost instantaneously slipped the mind of yours truly — there are, like, wars and the economy — only to, now, come back around in the worst way possible.

The source, the source, of course, of course, is Waterman Entertainment — they of the recently-announced Brave Little Toaster remake — who’ve reignited development on Mr. Ed, a property which fits their quest for “franchise potential and ancillary viability.” Ancillary viability. I know it’s not as though anyone had an illusion that this would be some work of “film art,” but… God, that quote just bums me out. No, thanks.

So, what’s the best course of action from hereon out?

Is it possible to even feign interest or optimism here? No?

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