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Derek Luke Goes to ‘Baggage Claim’ With Paula Patton; Angela Bassett Takes ‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Role

Written by on June 26, 2012 

Well, this is one charming onscreen pairing. Variety reports that Derek Luke (Captain America, Seeking a Friend) will play yin to the yang that is Paula Patton (Ghotocol) in Baggage Claim, a romantic comedy from David Talbert (First Sunday). The lattermost of those three is adapting his own novel, wherein Montana Moore — a 35-year-old flight attendant who’s also the only single woman in her family — “becomes determined to find a man in 30 days” when her sister’s wedding starts to loom larger and larger.

Luke‘s character, being both a good friend and (look at that) her own neighbor, presumably becomes Montana’s best line of defense against the pending terror that is the prospect of being both 4o and single. (That’s what I’d guess, having a) not read the book, b) being given a lot from Variety’s story, and c) having seen enough movies of this type to basically “know.”) Specifics and such notwithstanding, we’ve got a nice duo collaborating on a film that doesn’t sound all too terrible — a little sitcom-y, sure, but that’s not always a bad thing.

Baggage Claim will begin shooting in a few months.

Variety has also named Angela Bassett as the third member of Olympus Has Fallen, an Antoine Fuqua-helmed actioner starring Gerard Butler and, as of this past Friday, Aaron Eckhart. The former plays a disgraced Secret Service agent handed a shot at redemption when the President, a role assigned to the latter, is kidnapped by North Korean terrorists who’ve overtaken the White House.

Bassett, in the meantime, is set to play the Secret Service head who’s “left infuriated by the security breach.” (I would think words such as “concerned,” “terrified,” or “distraught” would be more applicable, personally.) She’s got a role as old as the action genre itself — specifically, the “angry superior” — but a good actor can still make this part entertaining and worthy of screen time if they’re also given good work — a duty that falls to writers Katrin Benedikt and Creighton Rothenberger.

Olympus Has Fallen will start production this September.

How does either fit into their new casts?

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