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Dear Avatar, I’ll Take The #1 Spot

Written by on February 7, 2010 

In its eighth week, Avatar finally fell from the top of the box office, relinquishing number one to the debut Dear John.  The highest grossing film of all-time (unadjusted) finished with $23.6 million, nearly $10 million short of of the wartime drama, which totaled $32.4 million this weekend (Recall that Lost In Space ended Titanic‘s reign all those years ago).

James Cameron‘s cashcow has now raked in $630 million domestically.  From Paris With Love debuted in third with $8,120,000.

Of note, Crazy Heart cracked into the top 10, with $3,650,000 in its eighth week.  Riding the tails of its Best Actor and Best Song nominations (and probable victories), it had its highest grossing week.

Check out the top 10: (movie- weekend; total)

1. Dear John– $32,400,000; $32,400,000 (debut)

2. Avatar– $23,600,000; $630,093,000

3. From Paris With Love– $8,120,000; $8,120,000 (debut)

4. Edge of Darkness– $7,005,000; $29,097,000

5. Tooth Fairy– $6,500,000; $34,333,000

6. When in Rome– $5,504,000; $20,899,000

7. The Book of Eli– $4,835,000; $82,163,000

8. Crazy Heart– $3,650,000; $11,188,000

9. Legion– $3,400,000; $34,678,000

10. Sherlock Holmes– $2,630,000; $201,579,000

What do you think of Dear John usurping the thrown?  How long will the Avatar ball roll?

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