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David Yates, Gary Ross, and Susanna White Up for WB’s ‘Tarzan’

Written by on June 18, 2012 

In a Deadline story pertaining to screenwriter Adam Cozad — most notably, the scribe behind Kenneth Branagh and Chris Pine‘s upcoming Jack Ryan reboot — there’s a brief, albeit promising update on Tarzan, WB’s proposed spin on the classic character; another possible adaptation has Craig Brewer (Hustle & Flow) attached to direct.

But the stakes are raised, and this one “has the interest of” David Yates, Gary Ross, and Susanna White (Nanny McPhee Returns). A rundown of plot, character, tone, or anything else of that crucial nature is still not out in the open — so, for now, let’s just consider the options.

Yates, being a godsend for Warner Bros. after taking over Harry Potter and, to incredible success, carried the series up to its finish line, really jumps out at first sight. Should anything make him a less-than-certain candidate, it would have to be his slightly-delayed Your Voice in My Head, a bizarre Doctor Who feature, and Cicero, a Tom Hardy-led trilogy chronicling the life of Al Capone. I think that, in regards to the lattermost, the question of a preferable choice is already answered. But he’d still be a solid pick, nonetheless.

Ross has been trying to find a suitable follow-up to The Hunger Games, with an actioner entitled The Secret Life of Houdini being a very distinct possibility. Any expectations one may have for that shouldn’t be a factor, though; he’s a director who really needs some deliberation before choosing a film. That, in and of itself, could hurt his chances with Tarzan.

White is clearly the dark horse, but a small payday that comes with her small profile makes her the most financially reasonable pick of the litter. We saw something like that happen with sequels to Thor and Captain America; Warner Bros., unlike Marvel Studios, aren’t notoriously stringent on the financial side of things, but good work that comes at a cheap price is one hard-to-reject combination.

Or maybe it’ll be none of them. We haven’t a clue what the studio wants to do with Tarzan — or if they ever even bother to make the time and room for it — and any of these choices would, in one way or another, be a slight surprise for yours truly. It’s something of a blessing that none of them would be unpleasant.

Might any of these helmers swing toward Tarzan? Is there a best choice amongst these three?

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