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David S. Goyer and Lava Bear Collaborating on Supernatural Thriller

Written by on April 20, 2012 

There’s some good news for fans of Blade: Trinity, The Invisible, and The Unborn: David S. Goyer has sold another pitch. He’ll be collaborating with Lava Bear on what, right now, Deadline only summarizes as a “supernatural thriller” — because those are never set into motion — that’s seeking a writer at the moment. Anyone curious as to what the plot may entail are both out of luck and best be patient.

Yours truly, in the meantime, will be moving right on. If you didn’t catch the basic drift of that opening sentence, I’ll just come out and say that Goyer is not a creative voice I’d hold in the highest regard. He’s had his name on some great films — Dark City and Nolan‘s Batman series being the main standouts — but anything he has ultimate creative control on tends to lie there like some half-baked sandwich. (The only reason I didn’t include FlashForward in that list was its place on television.) Let’s at least hold out some hope that this idea — what he seems to be best at, should the past be any indicator — is enough for a creative writer to spin into something relatively compelling. I think I’ll do so out of pure optimism.

Have you been fond of Goyer’s prior work?

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