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David O. Russell Possibly Attached to ‘American Bulls-it’

Written by on March 21, 2012 

(We’d be well-advised not to get attached to this title.) Variety reports that David O. Russell has attached himself to Sony’s American Bullshit. The movie follows a con-artist who teams up with the FBI to help solve a corruption case that has its hands in both the goings on of Washington, DC and Atlantic City.

O. Russell had a busy 2011. In addition to directing The Silver Linings Playbook, he also flirted with directing an adaptation of the PlayStation 3 game Uncharted (a project he has since left); circled a biopic of legendary schlock director Russ Meyer, another biopic that focuses on Buddy Cianci, and The Mission, a possible vehicle for Brad Pitt. That lowers his batting average when it comes to actually completing a movie, so take the news of his involvement with American Bullshit with a grain of salt; Deadline contacted O. Russell‘s reps, who apparently dismissed the story altogether. We’ll have to wait and see.

Update: They also let us know that Christian Bale is being eyed to star, but it is in early stages.

O. Russell is currently in post-production on The Silver Linings Playbook for The Weinstein Company, due out in November and starring Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, and… Chris Tucker. In other news, Chris Tucker is back to making movies again.

Do you think David O. Russell will actually direct American Bullshit, or do you expect him to move onto something else by the year’s end?

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