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David O. Russell Considers Bradley Cooper Reunion on ‘American Sniper’

Written by on September 10, 2012 

Now that his once-thriving relationship with Mark Wahlberg is down the drain, David O. Russell has found a new favorite actor in Bradley Cooper. They’re getting some great word for this fall’s Silver Linings Playbook, one’s got the other lined up for American Bullshit, and, now, we have a different sort of American tale on the plate.

Sniper, that is. This is an admittedly tangential sort of way to guess what someone’s doing next, but this happened: At the end of an interview with THR, Russell expressed thoughts on he and Cooper‘s working relationship, a portion wherein it was revealed that the director and star have both talked about possibly doing American Sniper. Why? For no better reason than “I’m really excited to work with him again.”

It was in May when Cooper picked up the prospective film’s source, an autobiography by professional military sniper Chris Kyle. Along with chronicling his record of sniper kills by a service member — somewhere between 160 and 255 — the film is expected to look at the manner in which this profession hurt his family life; don’t worry, though, as there are still plenty of battles to include.

So, a Three Kings-type area for Russell. That 1999 war comedy is my favorite work of his, bar none, but also something this writer didn’t think he’d ever move back toward — which makes this a more enticing prospect. If more news hits before it falls off the director’s radar, like so many other prospective efforts, I’ll be pleased.

Given the potential here, do you hope to see Russell take Sniper?

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