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David O. Russell Considering Biopic Of Buddy Cianci

Written by on April 8, 2011 

What the hell is David O. Russell doing, anyway? That’s the question I keep asking myself, which has been spurred by the director’s new habit of attaching himself to so many different films that it’s almost getting kind of annoying. I want the guy to keep working, sure, but I’d just like him to lay down one thing, definitively, so all the speculation can end for a while.

Now, Vulture is saying that the recent Oscar nominee is considering being involved in a biopic of former Providence, RI mayor and convicted racketeer Buddy Cianci. Speaking to Jane Rosenthal, Tribeca co-founder and producer of such films as Meet the Parents, she said that O. Russell is very interested in doing a film about his life story, one that may be based off his recent memoirs, Politics and Pasta.

His interest in it seems legitimate, too, as she said this about his enthusiasm:

“There’s nothing signed yet, but [Russell‘s] amazing, and we’ve been talking. Just talking. But he’s interested enough to keep talking. He’s interested enough that when he was at the Golden Globes, I was running in, and he was walking the red carpet, and he was like, ‘Jane! I’ve got to talk to you about that Buddy movie.'”

While his criminal charges certainly put something of a dark shadow over his political legacy, it seems like the focus will be put on the latter; Rosenthal said that “What’s so fascinating about Buddy is if you look at those years in Providence when he propelled a renaissance, if you forget about the process for a minute, it’s a certain type of politics. His heart’s in the right place.”

People would probably be more interested in hearing about his illegal activities, but it’s good that it won’t just be a smear piece, which would be far too easy. As for O. Russell: I think it would be best if he just made something official soon. None of his choices are bad ones, and it seems like most could compliment his strengths (comedy; occasional, sudden action). Personally, I want him to get Uncharted done first, if only because he could break the video game-to-movie curse.

Do you think O. Russell will direct this film? Would you want him to?

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