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David O. Russell and Jennifer Lawrence Eye Third Pairing with Biopic; Judd Apatow and Barry Levinson Expand Casts

Written by on January 30, 2014 

Although never too decisive a filmmaker — in the sense of moving from one project to the next, at least — it’s nevertheless worth noting when David O. Russell begins angling toward another project, particularly when it involves his new muse. With that, TheWrap tell us he and Jennifer Lawrence — the muse in question, natch — might be angling toward an unusual topic for what could prove their next collaboration: Joy Mangano, “Mother of Invention,” a housewife-turned-millionaire who made that unusual transition through fittingly unusual means, selling a “Miracle Mop” — as you’ve possibly seen on TV, the device which allows you to easily wring water out of an otherwise-ordinary piece of housecleaning equipment. Simple enough, you’d think, but something that’s reported to earn “hourly sales topping one million dollars.”

The project had been set up in October of 2012, when Bridesmaids co-scribe Annie Mumolo was contracted by Fox 2000 to pen the screenplay; Russell is now looking to rewrite the material, while Lawrence, though perhaps not “in talks,” has been given a heads-up from the helmer. As it’s a helmer who’d earned her an Oscar last year and may very well help her nab another in a little over a month’s time… well, it seems hard to believe she hasn’t considered it to some relative extent, even with the notices of two Gary Ross projects (East of Eden and Burial Rites) and X-Men: Apocalypse. But you can fit that in amongst the packed schedule, right? Again: Oscars. All I ask is that a JFK conspiracy film isn’t put off for too long.

Meanwhile, Variety report that Judd Apatow is, as per usual, reaching to an old partner for his upcoming picture: Bill Hader, in this case, who will take a lead role in the writer-director’s upcoming Train Wreck. Little is known about either this addition or entire project, save for it starring comedian Amy Schumer as “a basket case who tries to rebuild her life, but still to be found are her boyfriend, a best friend / co-worker and a parent.” It seems likely Hader will play one of those roles; as one who’d gladly watch him do anything — even dramatic work, which we can soon expect — the specifics aren’t terribly important.

TheWrap, again, have casting news, this pertaining to the Bill MurrayBruce WillisBarry Levinson comedy Rock the Kasbah . Although he’s decided to cover his ass by pretending an 18-month-old act of plagiarism was leading up to a certain performance art that itself leads to a retirement from acting, Shia LaBeouf will join a cast that’s suddenly become an ensemble with the concurrent additions of Danny McBride, Kate Hudson, and Zooey Deschanel.

Mitch Glazer (Passion Play) scripted the picture, a story of “lunacy, heartbreak and hope” centering on a worn-down music manager, Richie Vance, who takes his final client to a USO tour in Afghanistan. Something goes wrong, as often happens in these stories, and his passport is lost — a bad situation made, if nothing else, interesting when “a young girl with an extraordinary voice” is found to have snuck with him to Kabul in hopes of appearing on the country’s American Idol equivalent, The Afghan Star.

Production will commence in June.

What do you think of Russell and Lawrence partnering again, and on this particular project?

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