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David Koepp Explains His Decision To Depart ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’ Sequel

Written by on August 23, 2012 

When the early, inaccurate news hit that Universal Studios was dropping Kristen Stewart from the next Snow White and the Huntsman, that report actually did bring something truthful: that screenwriter David Koepp would be off the project. Now that Universal has actually released an official statement regarding Stewart, we’re getting Koepp’s side of things.

With his surprisingly well-received Premium Rush arriving in theaters this weekend the writer/director sat down with Huffington Post to clear up some Snow White rumors. First up, unlike initial reports indicating that it was the studio’s decision to let go of his version, he said that it was his own “personal” move. He simply said he didn’t ” have any ideas” and one can see his full quote below.

…as you get a little more experience, you realize that when you have burning ideas that you’ll do a really good job with — and when you don’t. And what the price is, pursuing something where you don’t have burning ideas and you feel like you’re going to do a great job: everybody is disappointed; they feel like you ripped them off and they don’t want to hire you anymore. So, what I’ve found over the years is if you don’t feel it, don’t do it. And I really felt this one thing and, so, I was perusing that. But, then, they wanted to go another way and I didn’t feel it as well — so, much better to get someone who feels it.

It’s clear to see the “another way” was the form of the Chris Hemsworth solo spin-off film, so despite Universal saying they are keeping their options open, it’s apparent they are indeed exploring this possibility. While there is nothing earth-shattering in this announcement, it’s nice to see when a top Hollywood tentpole writer is completely candid regarding his passion for certain projects. Now we can just hope that the other creative forces behind this sequel/spin-off lose some of that passion as well and this one is forgotten.

What do you think of Koepp’s comments? Do you want to see another SWATH film?

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