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‘Daredevil’ Getting Rewrite from James Kelly

Written by on April 28, 2012 

Oh, so you also forgot David Slade was behind a reboot of Daredevil. Fox would probably like that to be the case for now; things aren’t going too well on their front, with Deadline reporting that James Kelly has been commissioned to give the current script, penned by Brad Caleb Kane, the good old rewrite treatment.

All along, the intention on the part of Fox and Slade was to adapt Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli‘s classic arc, Born Again, which pits Matt Murdoch against supervillain and drug lord The Kingpin. Simple stuff, right? Taking a beloved property — one with the classic “hero’s identity is found out” angle, too — and putting that into theaters can’t be the world’s biggest screenwriting challenge, but it’s enough to bring on a second man for a polish. And this is after a year of what feels like no true activity.

Boy, this movie’s going to be something special.

Are you discouraged by news of rewrites on Daredevil?

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