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Dakota Fanning to Romance Kevin Kline’s Errol Flynn In ‘The Last of Robin Hood’

Written by on January 23, 2013 

This is a nice way to recoup after brief inactivity. It was in October when Kevin Kline had been roped in for The Last of Robin Hood, helmers Wash Westmoreland and Richard Glazer‘s look at how actor Errol Flynn, still regarded as cinema’s best version of the noble thief, ended his life whilst engaged in a relationship with 17-year-old actress Beverly Aadland. This second role, itself just as important as the ostensible central, was yet to be cast, and the failure to find one (would seem to have) delayed a production meant to commence this month.

But they might not be so far behind schedule; judging by the next announcement, it could even be right on track. During an interview with Collider, Dakota Fanning briskly noted an impending shoot on The Last of Robin Hood, telling the outlet that she’d be leaving Park City to start working with Kline, Westmoreland, and Glazer. (There were no dropped names, admittedly, but with no announcement regarding a talent switch, what does it matter?) Taken from a sensible angle, this doesn’t explicitly mean shooting will have started in a week’s time, only that this became a publicly active project with some minor interview quotes. Good enough.

Our last report had indicated that Susan Sarandon would come along as Aadland’s mother, Florence, a woman who used her daughter as a prop to vicariously carry out her own dreams. As nothing was official on her front at the time — an IMDb listing doesn’t count for much, really — it’s best to wait and see what happens with her involvement. It’d sure be nice: with her, Kline, and Fanning starring in a sordid drama about an old Hollywood legend, The Last of Robin Hood could make sparks fly.

Does Fanning strike you as a proper onscreen match for Kline? How does The Last of Robin Hood come across in the first pieces of news?

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