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Cynthia Nixon Gets Poetic As Emily Dickinson In Terence Davies’ ‘Quiet Passion’

Written by on September 10, 2012 

Those who paid attention in English should, I’d hope, remember the work of Emily Dickinson — the face, however, doesn’t stick out. But her physical image is starting to get a whole lot more public light, both with the emergence of what is possibly a second photo and, in our world, big movement on a biopic. And, would you look at that? It’s from none other than Terence Davies.

Although we should probably still take Sunset Song as the British helmer’s next outing — it’s been worked on for months, has two leads, and is said to be tying up the finances — THR tell us he’ll also be directing the Dickinson-centered A Quiet Passion, in which Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) will be taking the top part. This might be a lot to process at once.

Davies told the outlet she was always on his mind whilst writing Passion, and Nixon further pushed the sense of affection by saying his script and Dickinson’s poetry “somehow dovetail to create a heady elixir.” Such a heady elixir will, unsurprisingly, follow her entire life, “from precocious schoolgirl to the tortured recluse who saw only seven of her more than a thousand poems published in her lifetime.”

A much more van Gogh-esque story than I was really aware of, and a tragic sort that Davies is probably tailor-made for. While we’re good on that front, not knowing a whole lot of Nixon‘s work makes her an open-ended situation for me — so I’ll put some trust in the man behind the camera. From him, I expect an experience no less poetic than the subject’s own work.

There’s no indication as to when A Quiet Passion will start shooting, though I expect it’s to be after Sunset Song.

Do Davies and Nixon appear to have their head in the right place when it comes to the film?

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