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‘Crazy, Stupid, Love.’ Helmers Tapped for WB’s John McAfee-Centered Drama

Written by on January 11, 2013 

Despite having a film in the works with Kristen Stewart, formerly also Ben Affleck, Warner Bros. are high enough on John Requa and Glenn Ficarra (Crazy, Stupid, Love.) to go ahead and throw another project in their direction. One with some big intrigue, too: the story of McAfee, Inc. founder John McAfee‘s run from the law and recent extradition to the United States, all of which has the makings of a bizarre time. Plans call for the duo to write, direct, and produce, the lattermost through Zaftig Films.

Variety have the news, reporting that the film is based on “John McAfee’s Last Stand,” a Joshua Davis-penned article from Wired Magazine detailing the crazy story. In short, the developer of a world-famous anti-virus software had been on the lamb over suspicions regarding a murder; being no stranger to the long arm of the law — prior accusations concerning meth deals and gun ownership — his fleeing was of concern. Soon enough, McAfee was apprehended in Guatemala after trying to make an illegal entry, whereat he faked a heart attack in an attempt to worm his way out of the situation. This failed, and he was deported to America last month.

But that’s only the recent stuff. There’s his incredible rise to power, being worth $100 million at one point in time, and how he still ended up in this kind of situation. Given their affinity for comedic material, I’m inclined to think Requa and Ficarra will take this outlandish story and play it for laughs; it’s the kind of approach that would suit this writer most fittingly.

Does the McAfee story seem right for cinematic treatment? How do the two helmers strike you as a pick?

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