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Concept Art from Abandoned ‘Jurassic Park IV’ Emerges Online

Written by on October 9, 2012 

As excited as you may be for Jurassic Park IV, there’s a chance interest diminishes when you know about another incarnation. Several years ago, William Monahan (The Departed) and John Sayles were tapped to, at different stages, develop a crazy idea Steven Spielberg hatched for what would be a slight reboot — one much more out there than you’d expect.

If everything had actually fallen together, audiences around the globe would have been treated to a Jurassic Park film in which a billionaire, using that DNA can lost by Wayne Knight in the original, has taken the proper ingredients and made human-sized, crime-fighting dinosaurs. Humans have an ability to control these beasts, mixed with human and dog DNA that would, respectively, give them the ability to solve puzzles and hold obedience.

No, really.

You may not be familiar because a) it was outright scrapped, and b) it all happened in a slightly under-the-radar manner. A review of the script makes it sound like a really great time — some will veer completely in the other direction, however, which I fully understand — and, to go along with what existed, a series of concept art images have appeared online.

The results, I’m sorry to say, only give me a greater itch, one that will never be scratched, to see this version of Jurassic Park IV. Whatever Apes writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver end up delivering, I hope there’s just a little room for some of what’s on display here. Dare to dream.

Take a look at several items above and below, with the rest over at Reddit:

What do you think of these Jurassic Park IV designs? Would there be any desire to see it come forth?

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