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‘Conan’ Star Jason Momoa Plans To Write Sequel

Written by on August 8, 2011 

There are some who may look at Jason Momoa, star of the upcoming Conan the Barbarian reboot, and simply laugh. “This is the guy who’s leading a major studio release? Come on.” But those who do have probably never seen Game of Thrones, where he gave a terrific performance as the violent Khal Drogo. So, while I still think that Conan looks terrible, I at least have some confidence in its lead.

And it seems like he has confidence in the character and this movie as a franchise-starter, because he told CraveOnline (via /Film) that he’s already written something for the sequel. I don’t know if it’s an entire screenplay, as he said that they have to wait “to see if they’ll accept it”; maybe it’s a spec script right now? Either way, one gets the vibe that he has the thing planned out, with a good amount of examples given as to how it’ll stand apart from the first.

Calling it “character-adapted,” Momoa said that the thing to get into with a follow-up is “more of the mythical creatures,” as the release of the similar Clash of the Titans made them “put the budget into some other things.” Additionally, a big part of the second movie will be “the villain, what that villain is going to extract from Conan,” and where he wants to take the character.

Despite this being based on a pre-existing property, it seems like they won’t be using a story that people know — they’ll “incorporate three different things,” with the objective being to “keep them on their toes.” He finished it off by saying that he wants “to @#$%ing make a great Conan movie,” which is certainly nice.

I have no idea how this first movie will do — no one I know really wants to see it — but it’s interesting to consider the job he would do with this material. There’s obviously the risk of him giving a lot of screentime to himself, what with all that extra power, but he’s already expressed his desire to include a good villain, so maybe that won’t happen. But, again, this all hinges on if anybody will go see the movie. We should have some idea when it opens on August 12th.

Do you like the idea of Momoa writing the script for the Conan sequel? Are you excited for the film?

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