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Clint Eastwood Looking to Replace Jon Favreau on ‘Jersey Boys’

Written by on March 29, 2013 

If, at first, you do not succeed in adapting a pre-existing musical story for the big screen, try and try again.

So it goes for Clint Eastwood, who THR have pegged as Jon Favreau‘s replacement on Jersey Boys, the movie musical extravaganza that’s been floundering since WB gave it the axe in November. Despite the former’s long-planned A Star is Born hitting a number of roadblocks in its own move to theaters — a culmination of which came not long before the project at hand’s big trouble — he is not letting some strange, seemingly newfound music bug go unanswered; Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons provide the answer. Good news for GK Films, as well, for involvement from one of WB’s favorite filmmakers is encouraging the studio to take Jersey Boys back, with key negotiations underway at the moment.

The article provides no answer as to why Favreau has jumped off the project, though an answer is not something that stands as a great mystery: stagnantly has he been developing Magic Kingdom, and the altogether dead state of Jersey Boys could’ve provided an opening to start sealing other deals. That much makes sense. Why Eastwood would think this a good follow-up to J. Edgar, however, is a question of more interest, if not one that could answer itself.

Let’s not forget that this man’s last few films — Flags of Our Fathers, Changeling, and J. Edgar — took a strong interest in unexpected, often impossible-to-handle fame acquired during, pardon such reduction, various period settings. Come to think of it, one of the world’s most famous bands hitting highs during the early-to-mid ’60s is almost a natural progression from A Star is Born — except that the star has been “birthed.”

Is Eastwood a smart choice for Jersey Boys? Does the project’s survival give you any pleasure?

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