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Film Based on Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Snuff’ Back Into Swing of Things

Written by on July 5, 2012 

If it weren’t for Fight Club — and, yes, that’s one big “if” — it’d be hard to deny that Chuck Palahniuk and film don’t exactly mix. Discounting one other film — the slightly funny but, really, blander-than-you’d-hope Sam Rockwell-starrer, Choke — all other adaptations have sputtered out before things could actually get going. Francis Lawrence had Survivor, but the story proved too alienating for audiences; Invisible Monsters has been optioned, but we have no idea where that’s gone in about a year; and a cast was even assembled for Snuff, but… you get the idea.

Yet there is hope for the lattermost, as Variety says Immortal Transmedia — who were, most prolifically, involved with Kick-Ass and Harmony Korine‘s Mister Lonely — Aperture Entertainment, and co-writer Golan Ramras are all producing a revived version of the film. Variety doesn’t mention Tom Sizemore or Thora Birch as “returning” stars, though their appearances seem possible; director Fabien Martorell is, after all, still attached.

Seeing as adapting Snuff is certainly no easy task, I wouldn’t get so excited just yet. Along with containing very, very graphic material, the book also has a story that might not comfortably fit into the cinematic medium; in Palahniuk‘s story, a retiring porn star, Cassie Wright (who Daryl Hannah was once rumored to play) decides to end her career by sleeping with 600 men on camera in a single day. Waiting in this long, disgusting line are various “Mr. [Number],” many of whom have ulterior motives — whether they might be her son, hold a personal history, and so on.

Martorell already stated an intention to film it all “on a single ‘closed door’ set,” while reserving narrative and emotional elements for flashbacks to “help sustain a dramatic rhythm.” (Unless he can, somehow, fit that into the film’s “current” section.) Such an approach could make it a more ambitious, interesting effort than simple shock material; that, at least, is the basic impression I got from reading its first chapter some three years ago. It might not work at all, sure, but I’d love to see what could come of Snuff when put on the screen. Well, if anybody’s willing to take it all the way.

Are you happy to see Snuff get revived? Is it possible to make this a good film?

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