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‘Chronicle’ Writer Max Landis Lands Directing Debut with ‘Me Him Her’

Written by on November 5, 2012 

Max Landis is back in the news for, yes, selling another screenplay. On top of that, however, Variety tell us the Chronicle writer has been slated to make this piece his directorial debut, with Big Beach Films financing and producing Me Him Her — the man’s idea of how Reality Bites would play if some psychedelia was thrown into the mix.

It, like that film, follows three people in their “quarter-life” phase who’ve got a lot of big feelings pent up — one is trying to determine their sexual identity, for instance — but all done in what Landis considers “the weirdest, most surreal way possible.” What would make it weird and surreal? While not much is being revealed about the screenplay, unfortunately, he was able to reveal that Satan makes an appearance. Somehow and someway.

If you’d like to know more, fret not: we’ll see plenty of the young writer over these next few years. Among Landis‘ projects are Chronicle 2, Frankenstein, Woogles — an “edgy family adventure” eyed by Timur Bekmambetov — and a secret project for Disney. Those who have liked his work thus far, limited as it is, ought to be pleased.

So long as other work can be completed in due time, shooting on Me Him Her is expected to commence this spring.

What do you think of Landis’ first stab at directing?

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