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Christopher Nolan’s Next Project Is Sci-Fi Picture ‘Interstellar,’ Scripted By Jonathan Nolan

Written by on January 9, 2013 

What was, at one point, the night’s huge announcement compels you to make a dumb tweet, and then it all comes back around. Just not how you expected.

The year’s biggest film news (har har) has come from THR, who inform us that Christopher Nolan will follow his Dark Knight trilogy with a different king of spectacle: Interstellar, a “complex and multi-layered” sci-fi picture scripted by his brother, Jonathan, that had been eyed by Steven Spielberg in years past. It’s also been with Paramount and producer Lynda Obst this whole time, but with the director’s own Syncopy coming on to produce, Warner Bros. are, too, getting in on the business side of things. (The Beard may still produce, a prospect which isn’t hurt by Robopocalypse‘s sudden halt.)

While any plot outline remains opaque, news has pointed toward a story centered on “explorers [who] travel through a wormhole,” with conceits such as alternate dimensions and time travel managing to work their way in — probably so that “complex and multi-layered” tag can earn its keep. When much of it stems from theories developed by a Caltech physicist, Kip Thorne, you’d hope this can be more than just another big-scale blockbuster.

Having attracted Spielberg and, now, Nolan, my feeble ambitions don’t feel too silly. Fans of the director, myself included, are sure to be happy with the news; something of greater weight, information-wise, would be nice, but that’s to come later. Right now, just enjoy the prospect of what one of Hollywood’s best craftsmen has up next.

Oh, also? Interstellar could have a role for Michael Caine. Not that you’re surprised.

How do you feel about Nolan going big again, and in a new capacity?

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