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Christopher Meloni In Wain’s ‘They Came Together’; Ron Livingston Is ‘The Pretty One’; ‘The Internship’ Adds Another

Written by on June 23, 2012 

If I can take one positive thing from his work on True Blood, it’s that Christopher Meloni knows how to have some fun with a performance. (Should the role actually be comedic; the two minutes I’ve seen leave me unsure, to be honest.) Years of running down rapists on Law and Order: SVU notwithstanding, the Harold & Kumar series and, most pertinently, Wet Hot American Summer show talent that extends far beyond smoldering over an interrogation table.

Great news, then, that he’ll reunite with Wet Hot‘s David Wain when, as THR informs us, Meloni is seen in his new film, They Came Together. Paul Rudd and Amy Poehler star in this heavy, (supposedly) layered parody of atypical studio romantic comedies centered on two unlikely lovers who, for lack of a better term, come together.

Here, Meloni will be seen as Rudd‘s boss, himself the CEO of CorporateCo Corporation and Co., Inc. (That’s probably too on the nose, but, knowing Wain and his co-writer, Michael Showalter, this writer isn’t concerned. Or, possibly, just doesn’t care.) Ed Helms, Jason Mantzoukas, Max Greenfield, Cobie Smulders, Michael Ian Black, and Noureen DeWulf all have supporting roles; They Came Together is expected to begin shooting next month.

Next, Deadline reports that Ron Livingston, ever the underused talent, will soon appear in The Pretty One. Though their story doesn’t stipulate the exact nature of his role — something I don’t imagine many are aching to find out right this second — we do know that Zoe Kazan and Jake Johnson star in Jenée LaMarque‘s debut, in which the former plays a girl pretending to be her deceased sister; Sterling Beaumon signed on just a couple of days ago. With this next move — my favorite thus far, seeing as I’m a big supporter of Livingston in general — it’s evident that The Pretty One is moving forward at full speed.

Finally, a story from Variety announces the addition of one Dylan O’Brien, he of Teen Wolf fame, to Shawn Levy‘s new comedy, The Internship. Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn will star (the latter also co-wrote) alongside Max Minghella, Josh Brener, Tiya Sircar, and Tobit Raphael. In this story of corporate re-assimilation, age gaps among workers, and how funny all those things can truly be, O’Brien fits in as one of the interns competing with Wilson and Vaughn for work at a burgeoning website. The movie will commence shooting next week.

What do you hope to see Meloni do with They Came Together? Have you started to put The Pretty One and The Internship on your radar these past couple of days?

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