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Chris O’Dowd Cast In ‘The Sapphires’; Joe Manganiello To Strip For ‘Magic Mike’; Kyle Bornheimer Joins Two Wedding Films

Written by on August 19, 2011 

I had never even heard of Chris O’Dowd before Bridesmaids, but his turn in that movie quickly won me over and turned me into a fan. He’s following that up with fare such as Judd Apatow‘s This Is Forty and Friends with Kids, and ScreenDaily now says that he’s just been cast in The Sapphires. Inspired by a true story, it tells of “four Aboriginal soul singers from a remote community who travel to Vietnam to entertain the troops”; O’Dowd will be playing the talent scout that helps the four of them achieve fame. The part of those girls have been cast with Jessica Mauboy, Deborah Mailman, Shari Sebbens, and Miranda Tapsell, the latter two of whom are newcomers.

It’s being produced by Goalpost Pictures Australia, written by Keith Thompson and Tony Briggs, and directed by Wayne Blair, who’s making his feature debut. Briggs — who also wrote a stage musical based on this story — has the most personal connection, because this is based on the experiences his mother and aunt had traveling through Vietnam. Shooting will be done in both countries that this is primarily set, and that’s going to begin later this month.

O’Dowd has a natural likability to him, which leaves me wondering where his character will go. We’ve often seen the talent scout in stories like these turn greedy and bad before the story’s end, and it would be interesting to see him play that. Knowing very little about the play, however, I can’t say for sure if it’ll go in that direction; it just seems fairly possible, is all.

Further casting has just happened for Steven Soderbergh‘s Magic Mike, a film that added two other actors — Matthew McConaughey and Matt Bomer — over the past two days. The third addition on this third day is Joe Manganiello, who EW reports as being in final talks to join. An actor that may be best known for his work in True Blood, as well as Flash Thompson in Spider-Man, this will have him playing “Big Dick Richie,” who is almost unquestionably a male stripper colleague to Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer. If he isn’t, then I have no idea where this movie might end up going.

Soderbergh recently compared it to Saturday Night Fever; he considers it to be “sexy, funny and shocking,” although I don’t know if there will be any dancing involved. The Reid Carolin script — as I’m sure you’ve already read thousands of times, but which I will repeat here because I want you to get proper information — is based on Tatum‘s time in the field, and Pettyfer is in the role of a character based on the actor during this period of his life. McConaughey will play Dallas, the owner of “Xquisite, the club where ‘Magic Mike’ works,” and I assume Bomer is also a stripper here. All the casting for the movie has felt more or less perfect up to this point, with each actor fitting Production will begin next month, with a release in 2012 looking likely.

Lastly, THR tells us that She’s Out of My League actor Kyle Bornheimer has joined two new wedding comedies, one indpendent, the other a studio picture. The former of those is Bachelorette, a Will Ferrell and Adam McKayproduced film that’s written and directed by Leslye Headland. Starring Kirsten Dunst, Lizzy Caplan, Isla Fisher, Adam Scott, and Casey Wilson, it’s centered on “three best friends (Dunst, Caplan, and Fisher) who are invited to be the bridesmaids at the wedding of a girl they hated when they were younger”; the bride, played by Wilson, is planning something for the three. Scott will appear as the high school crush of Caplan, one who shows up with a date that’s “beautiful and much younger.”

Bornheimer will play someone that “was somewhat of a stoner-loser in high school who had a crush on the prom queen,” and yet “she still has no idea who he is.” The part doesn’t sound like it’s all that big, one simply played for laughs. Complaining about that is kind of pointless, though; this is a comedy, so it needs to deliver some humor. Otherwise, this… isn’t a comedy. Right?

That other movie is The Big Wedding, which stars Robert De Niro, Diane Keaton, Amanda Seyfried, Robin Williams, Topher Grace, Susan Sarandon, and Katherine Heigl. Written and directed by The Bucket List scribe Justin Zackham, it follows a divorced couple (De Niro and Keaton) who pretend to still be married for a wedding taking place in their family; this is also shooting at the moment.

The actor has an oddly-similar part here, one described as “Heigl’s estranged husband who shows up at the wedding, to Heigl’s displeasure.” Both projects appear to be mildly promising affairs, but if I had to express a preference for one, it would probably be Bachelorette. The cast and producing talent involved there overrides what Wedding seems to have in store, if that counts for anything.

Does any of this casting make you excited? Which of these movies are you looking forward to the most?

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