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Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan Spark Fantastical Romance With ‘A Many Splintered Thing’

Written by on September 6, 2012 

As happy as I am to see Chris Evans get a big platform and, in turn, healthy coverage for his work with Marvel, it’s all the more pleasing to see the actor stick with more modest roots. Case in point is, no, not The Iceman, but A Many Splintered Thing, a film which Deadline tells us he’ll both headline and executive produce; Michelle Monaghan is joining Evans in the former capacity.

Justin Reardon, in making his feature debut, will helm a Black List screenplay by Paul Vicknair and Chris Shafer that’s described as an “anti-romantic comedy” cross between Amelie and (500) Days of Summer. You won’t exactly get that from the logline, wherein “a young man (Evans) disillusioned by love” finds himself back on the old romantic horse after encountering a woman (Monaghan) at a charity dinner. However, this woman is engaged to someone “who doesn’t like her going on dates” — probably because, you know, they’re engaged — so the protagonist decides to work up a platonic friendship that will allow him “to conquer her heart.” Somehow, this turns into a “fantastical journey.”

And, in all fairness, these are two actors with whom I wouldn’t mind taking such a trip. This isn’t to discount the importance of whatever may lie in the film’s script or, for that matter, how Reardon — someone who’s never directed a feature — will handle what’s apparently outside normal bounds, but they’re still a strong way to get our attention.

Voltage and McG‘s Wonderland will both produce & finance A Many Splintered Thing, with shooting likely to begin before Evans starts Captain America: The Winter Solider.

Do the stars and concept sell you on A Many Splintered Thing?

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