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Chris Columbus Producing Horror Anthology Project

Written by on July 12, 2012 

Could it be? Has Chris Columbus initiated a project that actually comes to fruition? Deadline says the director — who, trust me, is getting into one bad habit of attaching himself — will, via his own 1492 Productions, partner with New Comic, Submarine, and Sara Feldmann Sheehan on a four-part anthology adaptation of the classic horror literature magazine Creepy.

He’s also expected to write one of these segments, all of which have an apparent intent to recall anthology films of the ’80s, such as Tales from the Crypt or The Twilight Zone*; Columbus has a personal connection of sorts to the material, too, having said Creepy was “incredibly influential in my desire to become a filmmaker.” I don’t doubt those claims — much as I tend to dislike his work, though that might be besides the point — yet it doesn’t appear as though he’ll actually direct any of the project. (Unless Deadline made some kind of typo in saying the man will “produce” one segment.)

If that’s the case, I suspect it’s for the best. Whether you’re a fan or not, his tendencies don’t acclimate to the horror genre — but if he can call up some friends with a more gory sensibility, they might have something good on their hands.

Will Columbus help to bring back the horror anthology subgenre? Have you read the original magazine?

*In our day and age, this is bound to be a safer production than that latter film. It had to be said!

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