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Chernin Entertainment Hires Commerical Director Jeff Tomsic for Baby Adventure Project

Written by on April 30, 2012 

After hitting big with Rise of the Planet of the Apes last year, Chernin Entertainment are dramatically shifting gears for their upcoming project, with Variety reporting the production studio has hired commercial and short director Jeff Tomsic to helm a currently-untitled baby adventure movie.

Scripted by MadTV and Parks & Rec writer Katie Dippold, the project follows “babies who try to break out of a daycare center.” This synopsis gives me horrid flashbacks to 1999 and Baby Geniuses, which marks the first time I’ve thought of that movie since I was nine years-old and uneducated about anything film-related. However, Dippold does have a quality comedic background with her writing and producing, so I’m praying that this project doesn’t go down the Geniuses route.

With his only previous work being shorts and commercials, this will be Tomsic‘s feature length debut. Some of those projects include Underpassed, I’m Having a Difficult Time Killing My Parents, as well as numerous commercial campaigns for MTV and VH1. If it’s any consolation to your own unsure attitude, Dippold also just sold an untitled female buddy cop script to Chernin, while Tomsic is set to direct an untitled foreign exchange comedy, scripted by Shawn Harwell.

Are you interested in seeing a baby adventure film scripted by Dippold?

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