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Evan Rachel Wood and Catherine Hardwicke Back Together on ‘Plush’

Written by on February 5, 2012 

The only portion of Catherine Hardwicke‘s directorial work that I’m accommodated with would have to be, give or take, the first hour of Red Riding Hood. Being left with a) that and b) some minor scenes from Twilight caught on cable out of a damaging sense of curiosity, I — needless to say — don’t have the greatest impression of her talent. I’m left with no impression, actually.

But it’s unfair of me. Her debut feature, Thirteen, is consistently held in a high regard — not just for her work as a filmmaker, but also on account of the performance delivered by her lead actress, Evan Rachel Wood. So, let’s keep that in mind when I reiterate a story from THR, which informs us that the two of them will combine forces once more on Plush, an “erotic thriller set in the L.A. music world” that Hardwicke has scripted with Artie Nelson. Director and star are already attached, while rights are being sold at the European Film Market next week.

Unfortunately, a lack of experience with Hardwicke‘s output — and, for everyone else, a dearth of knowledge on the actual project — doesn’t, at the moment, leave me with a whole lot to say about Plush. I’ll just throw this in, for fun: If it gets this director out of making moody, faux goth garbage that serves to push items off of Hot Topic shelves, the film gets my support.

Are you curious to see Hardwicke and Wood back together?

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