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Casts Fill Out on David Michod’s ‘Rover’ and Ewan McGregor-Starrer ‘Son of a Gun’

Written by on February 5, 2013 

I think David Michôd could have just had Robert Pattinson, Guy Pearce, and Scott McNairy starring in Rover as a means of making me happy, but the extra casting efforts are nonetheless appreciated. His future-set thriller is taking a little longer than anticipated to actually roll cameras — schedules and such being the source of blame — so, nine months after a first announcement and one week into shooting, it’s only now that actors other than that trio are coming aboard. What truly matters, though, is that it doesn’t look so bad from where I’m sitting.

As reported by Variety, that signed trio stars are getting joined by a pair of Michôd’s Animal Kingdom stars  — Susan Prior and Anthony Hayes (also of The Square) — as well as c and David Field. The content of their roles have not been explicated by the source, though the central plot, conceived by the director and Joel Edgerton — wherein a man (Pearce) in “a dangerous and damaged near future” looks for his stolen car, using one of the responsible gang’s wounded roster (Pattinson) for help — leaves a couple of options open. Now, said options are all of the same stripe, based on our limited information, but that’s slightly beside the point, and wholly tangential when the Cosmopolis star revealed a central obsession with “how much pain can the world take and how much disgust and cruelty before love dies.” With that, it’s something I’m already getting in line for.

On another front, Deadline report that Son of a Gun, which will see Ewan McGregor headline for Julius Avery, has grown by three. Adding their names to the fold are Alicia Vikander (A Royal Affair, Anna Karenina), Jacek Koman (The Great Gatsby), and Brenton Thwaites (Maleficent), the lattermost of will play a young protégé to the protagonist; as its central conflict, the screenplay shows the “complex relationship” he shares with “Australia’s public enemy number one.” A major step-up for the actor whose biggest role won’t be seen until the summer of 2014, wouldn’t you say?

Son of a Gun could hit before that Angelina Jolie vehicle, as the relatively small-scale project will begin production in less than a month’s time.

Would you say Rover or Son of a Gun look to improve with these additions of talent?

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