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Cast Rounded Out for Smiths Film ‘Shoplifters of the World’

Written by on February 10, 2012 

There are so many wonderful things about film as a medium, and, for my money, one of the very finest is its ability to educate. Say, for example, you’ve never heard a song by The Smiths, and your only familiarity with them stems from a phony, faux indie romantic comedy that was a big hit in 2009. If that applies to you, take Shoplifters of the World as an open invitation.

Directed by Stephen Kijak and based on true events, this ensemble comedy is set on the day of their breakup, following “an American man was devastated by the breakup of The Smiths and broke into a heavy metal radio station, taking the DJ hostage and demanding that he play non-stop Smiths songs.” From here, the events focus on “the gunman, the DJ and four best friends during those fateful hours.”

True to the band’s spirit, Shoplifters is going the indie route, with ScreenDaily reporting that a main cast — made up of young names or relative unknowns — has been found. They are, in no particular order, James Frecheville (Animal Kingdom), Thomas Brodie Sangster (Love Actually), Jessica Brown Findlay (Downton Abbey), and Jeremy Allen White (Shameless). Skylar Astin, Zosia Mamet, and Will Poulter have been set beforehand, while Russell Brand is being pursued to play the DJ. Shooting will begin this June.

Finding your main assemblage of actors is all well and good, but Shoplifters of the World would still be a little empty if it weren’t for the music. Luckily, they’ve got that in good supply, since producers Perihelion Entertainment have been granted the right to use 20 songs from The Smiths — including, presumably, the song upon which the title plays.

Okay, confession: I am, in fact, the complete and total Smiths neophyte mentioned above, but superfans should be happy to hear that Shoplifters sounds like something that’s right up my alley. To put it in simpler words, I’ll check it out whenever the proper opportunity arises.

This is how movies can expand your horizons, people.

Are you a Smiths fan, and if so, does Shoplifters appeal to you on any level?

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