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Cary Fukunaga Provides Update on Civil War Film; To Be Helmer’s Next Project

Written by on March 12, 2012 

Having already taken the top spot on Dan‘s best of 2011 list, Cary Fukunaga has silently prepared his third feature, a Civil War film currently titled of No Blood, No Guts, No Glory. Only reported on this past May, the heist tale is a history-spinning look at the Great Locomotive Chase — a.k.a. the same event that served as the launch point for Buster Keaton‘s seminal silent classic The General.

Our first update in ten months has just come from The Financial Times (via ThePlaylist), who, when speaking with Fukunaga about the U.K. home video release of Jane Eyre, learned that Glory would be his next film. (Some thought the Gore Verbinski-produced Spaceless would hit first.) Along with deeming it “a version of Buster Keaton’s The General [but] told from the Yankee side,” the writer-director talked about his fidelity to historical accuracy in this quote:

“I was a big history buff as a teenager. I have watched a lot of the movies and never been entirely satisfied. They always felt wrong, either in historical detail or even texturally. You would see this cheap wardrobe that looked like it had come straight out of a warehouse.”

Here’s how some personal experience comes into play:

“I used to do civil war re-enacting between the ages of 15 and 19. I was part of a unit that was considered very authentic. We would source the right wools, the right buttons for the costumes. We had the right look.”

Our first story revealed that the script, from Chase Palmer, was a “Civil War Dirty Dozen,” following 20 Union soldiers who team with a spy to board a train in Georgia “in order to pull off a heist that could bring a quick end to the Civil War.” A big step from the gangland world of Sin Nombre and Jane Eyre‘s Victorian setting; for me — and, possibly, yourself — that’s all the more reason to keep an eye out. There’s no indication of when shooting may commence, but a completed script and the support of Focus Features could get things off the ground in the next few months. Maybe that’s just me being hopeful.

Does another Fukunaga film play to your interest?

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