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Cameron Crowe Writing Next Film, Inspired By ‘We Bought a Zoo’; Talks ‘Say Anything…’ Sequel

Written by on September 1, 2011 

This December will see the release of Cameron Crowe‘s first narrative feature in six years, We Bought a Zoo. His fans will be happy to know that he shouldn’t be gone for that long again, since Crowe told IFC that he’s currently writing his next film, which is inspired by the child actors he worked with on Zoo.

Crowe was quoted as saying that this new movie will come “from auditioning and working with a bunch of actors for ‘We Bought a Zoo.'” As he states below:

“This woman that I work with, Gail Levin, is a great casting director. She’s always finding new faces. The kids she found for ‘We Bought a Zoo‘ are so exciting. We met with all these actors, and they would leave the room and it was a situation where I would turn to Gail and say ‘They’re not right for this one, but I want to write something where we can work with that person.’ That was the genesis for writing a whole new script which I’ve been working on while we were doing ‘We Bought a Zoo‘ and finishing this Pearl Jam movie.”

It’s kind of cool that he would use these people in a new project; it’ll be particularly interesting to see him work with a cast that should mainly be made up of teenagers, something that he hasn’t done in a long time. There are movies like Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Say Anything…, but how will he write for today’s audiences? I’m curious to find out.

Speaking of — there was also a brief update on his proposed sequel to Say Anything…, something that Crowe talked about last month. Even then, the idea seemed like a simple hope of his and not much else. He seems to agree, saying that the proposed film is “definitely a pipe dream.” The idea for it has to do with him seeing the first as his favorite thing of his career, so he wouldn’t “ever dream of doing is touching something that I feel so proud about in any way”; he was simply “musing out loud.”

Despite thinking about where the main characters might be at this point in their life, he made it clear that “there’s no script, nobody’s out there trying to pitch a ‘Say Anything…‘ sequel.” There was the mention of him wanting to maybe focus more on the film’s side characters for a sequel, which could be “a short story” or “a miniature kind of thing that I write some day.” But let’s not get too far ahead here. We Bought a Zoo will open on December 23rd, so can we just be happy that he has a new movie coming out in the first place? We would probably be better off doing that.

Are you looking forward to more films from Cameron Crowe? Do you think that a Say Anything… sequel will ever actually happen?

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