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Callan McAuliffe Gets Angelic For ‘Paradise Lost’; Dominic Cooper In Talks For Albert Hughes’ ‘Motor City’

Written by on September 29, 2011 

If you want to talk about a jump up from I Am Number Four, Variety reports that Callan McAuliffe has joined the cast of Alex ProyasParadise Lost as Uriel, one of God’s seven archangels. The poem by John Milton — which this if of course based on — has Uriel become the second in command to Michael after the defection of Lucifer, and just when some ass needs to be kicked.

Bradley Cooper will be playing Lucifer alongside Benjamin Walker as Michael, with the current cast also being comprised of Djimon Hounsou in the role of Abdiel and Casey Affleck set to appear as Gabriel; Camilla Belle and Diego Boneta are in talks to play Adam and Eve, respectively.

This is another big project for the young McAuliffe, with a small but important role in Baz Luhrmann‘s currently-shooting The Great Gatsby also in his future. I didn’t see I Am Number Four because I try to live my life in a dignified manner, which means that I’m clueless if he has the stuff to justify this casting — but the casting itself is a good sign. Paradise Lost will open in late 2013.

For news that’s just a little less concrete, Variety also gives us an update on Albert HughesMotor City — according to them, the upcoming actioner may have found a lead in The Devil’s Double star Dominic Cooper. Previous reports mentioned Chris Evans, co-star to Cooper in Captain America, as being offered the role, with Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Renner being back-ups; that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere. The part is that of “a framed criminal who pursues the people who betrayed him after he gets out of prison,” which almost undoubtedly leads to some violent actions. Sounds like standard revenge fare — something I don’t necessarily consider bad — but it could stand apart from much of its brethren with the little conceit of having only one line of dialogue.

At least, the script by Chad St. John does; the movie may (and probably will) not. How much is retained or altered could partially depend on Joel Silver, who is producing for Dark Castle and Warner Bros. He’s a guy who has a lot of say on what gets his name, and I’m hoping that he can help it stay unconventional in that sense. (He even wanted Cooper because of his two performances in The Devil’s Double.) However, it’s not as if this will suddenly be a lesser movie without one line; it still sounds like a lot of fun, and I feel that Cooper — just as I did with Evans — could really boost the project’s quality. Look at his minor role in Captain America to see how much he can do with so little, if you don’t believe me.

Have you seen anything featuring McAuliffe? Was he good in it? Is Cooper a good choice for Motor City? Would you have preferred to see Chris Evans there?

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