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Bruce Willis and Bill Murray Back Together on ‘Kasbah’; Margot Robbie Swings Into ‘Tarzan’ and ‘Zachariah’

Written by on January 20, 2014 

Making for both a Moonrise Kingdom reunion and something of a reminder that, yes, Wes Anderson managed to pair these actors together and mine a fine dynamic from it, ShowBiz411 report that Bruce Willis has signed for Rock the Kasbah, a project which Barry Levinson and Bill Murray had angled toward in early September.

The picture, penned by Mitch Glazer (Passion Play), has been described as a story of “lunacy, heartbreak and hope,” following a worn-down music manager who takes his final client to a USO tour in Afghanistan. Something goes wrong, as often happens in these stories, and his passport is lost — a bad situation made, if nothing else, interesting when “a young girl with an extraordinary voice” is found to have snuck with him to Kabul in hopes of appearing on the country’s American Idol equivalent, The Afghan Star. The specifics of Willis’s participation is not revealed therein; based on this description, it’d be easier to figure who the two soon-to-be-cast actors may end up portraying.

Levinson is expected to roll cameras this June.

Following one of 2013’s breakthrough performances, Margot Robbie has, perhaps wisely, found herself lining up two projects of different scales and (from what we can surmise) general tone. TheWrap tell us the Wolf of Wall Street’s central female force will bring her luminous screen presence to one of fiction’s more well-known heroines: Tarzan’s Jane Porter, a role she’s been rumored for since late September; one imagines her case has been further stated with the likes of Scorsese and, more locally to WB, Focus, a con man comedy she’s led with Will Smith.

Landing in darker territory is Z for Zachariah, director Craig Zobel’s (Compliance) adaptation of the Robert C. O’Brien-penned novel which, here, is put into script form by Nissar Modi. In taking a role once meant for Amanda Seyfried — delays created scheduling conflicts on her end, as delays are so wont to do — she’ll play a woman who, believing herself to be the only surviving human of a nuclear holocaust, is given a new perspective (to put it so lightly) when a pair of men (Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor) emerge from the forest onto her farm’s land.
Tobey Maguire’s Material Pictures will produce in conjunction with Zik Zak Filmworks and Palomar Pictures.

Is the reteaming of Willis and Murray something you see as promising? Do Robbie’s next roles seem to foretell good things?

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