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Brad Pitt Weighing Lead Role In WB’s ‘Pontius Pilate’

Written by on January 7, 2013 

Any well-thinking person knows a film about Pontius Pilate is bound to cause some controversy, so, if he is a well-thinking person — he at least seems like a cool guy — Brad Pitt isn’t afraid of taking some risks. According to Deadline, the actor has been looking at the title role in WB’s historical epic, which is said to boast a strong screenplay that takes this notorious Biblical figure and paints him a portrait befitting of The Twilight Zone. (Gladiator and Braveheart are mentioned, too, but I’m far more captivated by a Rod Serling-esque film of this stripe. You sort of expect to hear the others mentioned in conjunction.)

In the form that’s been scripted by Vera Blasi, audiences are shown Lucius Pontius Pilate’s transformation from the offspring of a Roman Knight to a prefect of Judea. With an enormous amount of pressure on his shoulders and the need to satisfy unhappy contingents clouding judgement, he finds a golden opportunity when Jesus is offered to him as a man awaiting punishment — which is a story you’ve probably heard. (Some say it’s even the greatest ever told.) Not a role I’d have thought of Pitt for, but if you were hoping to see him tackle a new territory, take this as good news.

Depending on if he signs, of course. No contracts have actually been inked at this time, and, although Deadline think he could make a deal soon, no solid reason is provided as to why that would even happen. (Those tend to matter in some sense.) It could happen, still, and I’d be thrilled for him to try out yet another new avenue as an actor. The ultimate choice is in his hands.

Does Pitt strike you as a correct choice for Pontius Pilate? What are your thoughts on the project, going off what’s been said?

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