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Watch: Brad Pitt Lectures James Gandolfini In New ‘Killing Them Softly’ Clip

Written by on November 26, 2012 

I’ve already remarked (in greater-than-necessary detail) that The Weinstein Company have, smartly, positioned Killing Them Softly as a far more conventional and accessible film than what you’ll end up getting. Now, four days before it opens across the country (in the nick of time!) we have something to more accurately reflect the ebb, flow, and odd tone of Andrew Dominik‘s capitalism caper. Before we go any further, however, you might want to turn back knowing it doesn’t involve Brad Pitt and his shotgun.

This, instead, sees the actor try to whip James Gandolfini back into shape through the simple power of speech. (Like I said: further in line with Killing‘s artistic intent.) This is a great moment all on its own — it’s funny, well-crafted, and makes me want to see the movie again — but is even better when put into the context of a larger scene that, too, operates on this wavelength. Anyone on the fence about this movie (or doesn’t know what to expect) can only be implored by yours truly to watch; a better taste might make the whole meal a clearer choice.

The clip is available below (via Yahoo!):

Killing Them Softly will hit theaters on November 30th.

Do you like this quick look change expectations for the film in any way?

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