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Brad Pitt Heads Back to World War II for David Ayer’s ‘Fury’

Written by on April 3, 2013 

What follows is only truly positive news if you, like myself, get a weird laugh from the image of Brad Pitt settling down for End of Watch, then finding himself so enamored with the “gritty,” semi-found footage cop movie that he seeks out its helmer for a collaboration. (No one else…?) In every other regard, I’m not so sure, but the story remains the same: Deadline have learned that Pitt and the aforementioned picture’s writer-director, David Ayer, are both making time to film the latter’s screenplay, Fury, a project which allows for the actor’s return to World War II.

No word on additional room for scalping, as the report only fills in by revealing a 1945-set tale of five American soldiers who operate a tank, Fury, and use it on the dissipating Nazi ranks. That hunk of metal will get some big onscreen love, judging by Ayer‘s stated intention “to bring tank combat to life in a way that lands with a modern audience”; hopefully not as an overly flashy skirmish — what with a lack of adherence to reality that this would bring — though a producer promising something which is “not your father’s WWII movie” makes that hope diminish. Although Pitt‘s role is unlisted, money says this is another instance of him leading a pack against Third Reich scum, hopefully riding the top of the tank and smoking a cigar.

But, while getting him back into that general place and time is welcome for yours truly, Ayer is, and I think you’ll agree, not exactly up to snuff with Quentin Tarantino. The only evident positive is the man’s jump from years and years of cop films to a wider range in action-oriented cinema — shown further with the wrapped Arnold Schwarzenegger-led action-thriller, Ten — so we can hope these new horizons allow him to breathe a little more on the creative side of things.

Produced by QED International, Le Grisbi Productions, and Ethan Smith, Fury will begin production in September.

Do Ayer and Pitt strike you as a good pairing of talent? What’s your first impression of Fury?

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