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Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof Open ‘1952’ Mystery Box

Written by on January 24, 2013 

If one has followed what little there is to actually follow, you’re aware that the central idea driving Brad Bird and Damon Lindelof‘s 1952 is fairly silly: the Prometheus writer was going around the Disney archives one day, and found himself coming into contact with a box marked as none other than “1952.” What he found upon opening said box was so fascinating and so profound — the sketches of a larger project, possibly (though not definitely0 one about extraterrestrials — that it inspired him to devise some original ideas that could be paired with the contents for a whole movie. He got Brad Bird on to direct, and it’s, now, going to be a big Disney production starring George Clooney.

None of the discovery side is actually true — in the sense that, come on, there wasn’t really a box with this stuff in it, nor did things fall together this way — but it’s sort of fun for… let’s say, those who enjoy silly viral marketing. Of which I am not one.

But they’ve made an early effort to build connections between their audience and their story. Last night, Lindelof‘s noxious Twitter account offered something good (for the first time in months) when the writer tweeted an image of “The Box,” followed by Bird showing us an opened version. They’re getting something of a head start here, but having a look for yourself won’t induce myopia or anything:

There are few really solid ideas I can find on the meaning of all this, save for AICN: it’s their thinking that significance ought to be granted to a buried issue of Amazing Stories pictured near the top-middle. It’s little to base anything good upon as is, but it’d also be awfully odd if they were just placing random things in a visible location to occupy space — unless this is all just to screw with us, in which case Bird and Lindelof are playing a good (albeit altogether dumb) game. Personally, I’m more concerned about them getting the script right than jumping into the peek-a-boo pattern almost two years out from release.

1952 will open on December 19th, 2014.

Any ideas as to what’s being shown above?

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