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‘Bored to Death’ Players Jason Schwartzman and Jonathan Ames Take Feature Route with New Comedy

Written by on January 25, 2013 

When someone can give your artistic surrogate a strong presence over two seasons of TV, there’s an understandable impetus to keep that actor around for whatever you have next. (Especially when the TV show’s been cancelled.) Word had recently emerged that Jonathan Ames would resurrect his much-liked, little-watched HBO series Bored to Death with a (potentially theatrical) movie, and that should’ve left fans feeling good — but he and Jason Schwartzman aren’t going to make that their point of departure.

According to THR, the writer and actor have joined to option Pictures of Fidelman, a Bernard Malamud-penned short story anthology that will, in part, serve as the basis for their project. Taking inspiration from “Naked Nude” and “Still Life,” the proceedings will focus on “a hapless art student,” Arthur Fidelman, who Schwartzman will play as a Larry David-esque character traveling through Rome around the middle of the 20th century. Although it’s not much, I’m already game.

If a lack of proper financing holds off Pictures of Fidelman for the time being, Ames has a lot of other things in development: a film based Donald Westlake‘s novel, 361 — which he calls “one of these great B-pictures, a real revenge story” — and one taken from his own tome, Wake Up, Sir! There’s no confirmation as to whether or not Schwartzman will star in either; there wouldn’t be much surprise on my part if it shakes out that way.

Are you keen to see Ames and Schwartzman do another, non-Bored to Death project together?

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