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Bobcat Goldthwait Talks Upcoming Zombie Fetus Film ‘Anklebiters,’ ‘Rio Malo,’ and the “Wholesome” ‘Planet Bill’

Written by on May 30, 2012 

God Bless America only started to proliferate into theaters and on VOD this past month, but most of us might expect Bobcat Goldthwait to get back into directing pretty soon — the movie was finished about nine months ago, after all. And if you not only expect but hope that’s the case, you’ll be happy to hear that, whilst being interviewed on the Q & A Podcast (via /Film), Goldthwait shared big details on multiple projects that all have some potential to make their way onscreen.

An adaptation of the Kinks‘ album Schoolboys in Disgrace is currently being developed with the band’s frontman, Ray Davies, while a cast is being narrowed down. Seeing as that’s been around for about two years, could it be next? Possibly, but there’s still a lot to look out for — Anklebiters among them. It’s impossible to gauge what genre this could fall into — especially when you consider Goldthwait‘s darker-than-dark sensibilities — as the film would follow the true story of, according to him, “a minister in Wisconsin who got arrested because he’d been stealing aborted fetuses and having Christian burials for them.” Apparently, these “zombie fetuses” are something that “just writes itself.”

There’s also the matter of Rio Malo, an “asskicking western” that we heard, back in 2010, would be about “crooked cops, unavenged murders, injustice, discrimination and drag.” Now, he’s saying that his completed vision would be “a movie that if you were a gay thirteen year old boy [would] be the best movie you’re ever gonna see except 300.” It’s a comedy about “perceptions,” one that elects to make fun of pre-conceived ideas, not the people to whom said ideas are actually applied.

Here’s how he described one scene:

“I wanted to have this really ass-kicking marine who gets kicked out during Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and he goes into this homophobic town and they call him fag at the bar when he’s just trying to get a drink and he says “I’m gonna need you to stop saying that word.” And he says “What, fag, what are you going to do?” [The guys says] “Well, I’m gonna dislocate his shoulder, I’m gonna gouge his eyeballs out and I’m gonna kick you in the larynx and you wanna know something? There’s not a goddamn thing you can do about it.” And in the script it just says “And he does.” He goes back to the bartender and he takes the shot of whisky and he throws it down and “Is there any place for a man to stay in this town?” and it cuts and he’s in bed with the bartender.”

The last in that lineup is Planet Bill, a more “wholesome” project (in the vein of Miracle on 34th Street) about a seven-year-old boy who sees strange things outside his school — a man-eating octopus living in the sewer, an ostrich-riding cowboy, and a homeless person wearing a vintage space suit, none of which anybody else actually believes is there. The sweeter nature of that story would make it a more commercially viable project — however viable one of his films could prove to be — and that in and of itself would also make Planet Bill one of the more unusual efforts of his entire career. The best part about all this, though? I’d be happy to see any of the films come to fruition.

Which of Goldthwait’s potential films tickle your fancy the most?

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