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Bobcat Goldthwait Has Nearly-Complete Bigfoot Found Footage Movie ‘Willow Creek’

Written by on February 21, 2013 

Having earned a reputation as one of comedy’s supreme mad men in the ’80s, it makes at least some sense that Bobcat Goldthwait‘s jump into directing can’t be categorized or pinned down. It was in May when numerous possibilities for a sixth movie were coming in, none of them terribly alike, but, nine months later — as well as in our first update on him since then — none of those are terribly important, as BleedingCool have uncovered information on the next, almost-complete project. Short story: this is not at all what you’d expect.

It turns out he, over the course of merely days, shot a found footage movie centered on Bigfoot. Titled Willow Creek, it’s a deviation from the horror so many associate with this kind of picture; instead, Goldthwait is said to have “mixed satire with some suspense,” using that to make a story which makes itself about “the idea of bearing witness.” Further to the point, his picture is littered with characters convinced they’ve seen the elusive, mythical beast for themselves — not to mention appearances by actual Bigfoot enthusiasts — and it’s arguments over legitimacy that lead into explorations of religious faith. Not something most entries into the subgenre can claim to aspire to, right? (Unless I’ve really missed something by not seeing [REC].)

Thanks, Bobcat, for making the impossible happen: I really want to see a new found footage movie.

Is a new project of Goldthwait’s worth attention? How about this one, in particular?

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