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Bevy of Actors Come Aboard for ‘A Many Splintered Thing’ With Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan

Written by on October 2, 2012 

A Many Splintered Thing is being given a many splintered… anyway.

Deadline and Variety report on this film’s big-time growth, in which Chris Evans and Michelle Monaghan — a two-person team capable of doing enough good together — are being taken along with Anthony Mackie, Philip Baker Hall, Aubrey Plaza, Topher Grace, and Giovanni Ribisi. None are fully committed, if you believe Variety, though it’s only reasonable to think that, yes, we’ll see the quintet make their way toward Splintered — and we should be glad.

Justin Reardon will direct from a screenplay by Paul Vicknair and Chris Shafer, a Black List-placed “anti-romantic comedy” that follows a slightly schlubby type (Evans) goes to various ends in order to charm an engaged woman (Monaghan) — mainly by putting on a fake platonic relationship. Creepy, yet somehow noble.

Taking a shot in the dark, let’s say Mackie — the lead’s upcoming co-star in Captain America: The Winter SoldierGrace, and Ribisi are starring as his two friends, some of the main instigators in his quest; then, one might be led to believe Plaza is a friend of the female lead, while Hall is, I don’t know, a main character’s father. It feels about correct.

Does that work for you? It does for me, personally, and they might even be lofty enough to take A Many Splintered Thing past fun trifle and into the realm of, if not a seminal work, at least a strong romantic comedy. I’ll take it.

McG‘s Wonderland will produce alongside Voltage Pictures, with shooting likely to begin sometime in the next couple of months.

Now that Splintered Thing is gathering these players, does its stock go up?

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