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‘Berberian Sound Studio’ Director Peter Strickland Lands Ben Wheatley-Produced Project ‘The Duke of Burgundy’

Written by on December 13, 2012 

After scoring his biggest-yet hit with Berberian Sound Studio, Peter Strickland has a lot of places to go. It’s a time which, for any director, should be about as confusing as it is promising; you’ve got momentum behind you, and the next step — of which, again, there are several — could make all the difference. After securing The Beginning of Spring just this October, the writer-director may have a second avenue for the third outing.

As THR inform us, Strickland has begun angling toward The Duke of Burgundy, his prospective third picture that would be produced under Ben Wheatley‘s company, Rook Films. (BFI are also involved, as they seem to be on every British film project. Not literally, of course, but you know what I mean.) The first Rook project not directed by the Kill List helmer, it’s expected to star Berberian‘s own Chiara D’Anna in the role of a moth expert (actually known as a lepidopterist) whose commitment to the field puts strains on a romantic bind. That doesn’t sound ominous, not to my own ears, but THR describe the movie as a “dark melodrama”; furthermore, the director thinks of Burgundy as a “tender and quiet, but also quite intense” cinematic experience about two people “whose intimate needs are rarely in harmony.”

Given the unique experience said to be offered in his prior film, the possibilities which arise from Strickland‘s new project, hard to quantify though they are, leave me intrigued. That The Duke of Burgundy sounds like both a more worthy and fitting follow-up than The Beginning of Spring is only a nice bonus.

How do you think this shakes out as a new project for Strickland? Did you see Berberian Sound Studio, and if so, what were your impressions there?

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