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Benedict Cumberbatch Landing Top Part In ‘The Imitation Game’

Written by on February 1, 2013 

This time last year, we all thought Alan Turing, computer genius and recognized hero, would get his cinematic portrayal from Leonardo DiCaprio. You don’t need me to recount ways The Imitation Game had fallen apart soon thereafter, considering how well-documented all that unfortunate business is, but particularly when it’s really found itself back in shape — maybe in a better state, even.

Or, that’s how I feel when Benedict Cumberbatch steps into the central role. (On this I am certainly not alone.) Deadline have learned the actor, a guy everyone wants some of right now, is on the cusp of leading The Imitation Game, a role which puts him under the command of Headhunters director Morten Tyldum; make of that credit whatever you like, though Graham Moore‘s fact-based screenplay has been generating a ton of buzz right out of the gate. Despite Turing’s life story showing a brilliant technician — whose work in cracking the Axis forces’ “Enigma Code” was a huge boon in the effort to end World War II — it’s marked by the tragic suicide spurred by institutional hatred of his homosexuality; how that’s been transplanted into the form of a screenplay is, from all accounts, spectacular.

All which is to say, Cumberbatch has a lot of golden opportunities at his feet right now, and that he’d take this up next is, to myself, only a greater sign of things to come. If (wait, who are we kidding, when) he signs for The Imitation Game, expect a flurry of buyers hoping to put some money in Black Bear’s pocket. I bet it’ll prove a worthy investment.

How do you reckon Cumberbatch will fit into the Turing role?

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