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‘Bellflower’ Filmmakers Jump To Videogame-Inspired ‘Chuck Hank And The San Diego Twins’

Written by on February 5, 2013 

Grimy, intimate and often certifiably insane, if you’ve seen the 2011 indie hit Bellflower, than you at least have an opinion of it. We more or less fell in love with Evan Glodell‘s twisted, homespun creation and now after a lengthy worldwide festival tour and distribution by Oscilloscope Laboratories, we’ve finally got word on what the filmmakers are doing next.

Tipped off by ThePlaylist, the project is titled Chuck Hank And The San Diego Twins and is inspired by ’80s sidescrollers and action films of the era. Coatwolf Productions have now launched a crowdfunding campaign for the project with a goal of $60,000. Directed by Bellflower producer Jonathan Keevil, Glodell is on board as producer and star, alongside Tyler Dawson. The synopsis below reads a bit like an updated version of The Warriors, as the group states they want to create “a visually rich world.” Let’s hope they reach their goal so we can see it come to fruition. Check out the synopsis, as well as two crowdfunding videos, including actual footage, below.

A turf war has been raging in Oldtown for generations. On one side, The Syndicate – an evil gang of crank-head misfits, who has been set on muscling the San Diego family out of the parcel of land they own in the center of town. On the other side, the San Diego family: Tony and Johnny – twin brothers, and their sister Salsa are the last of a bloodline that stretches back for generations. Their mother, father and brothers were all brutally murdered in a violent clash with The Syndicate years earlier. With their neighborhood becoming increasingly fearful, The Syndicate puts into action another evil advance on their family’s fading legacy by kidnapping Salsa – all hell breaks loose. The twins and their best friend Chuck Hank must decide whether to hand over the deed to their families land in order to save their sister or fight, the final fight!

Check out more information on the project here.

Were you a fan of Bellflower? What do you think of this project?

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