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Before ‘Arrested Development’ Movie, 10 Lead-Up Episodes Will Arrive Simultaneously

Written by on April 17, 2012 

Just the news of it getting resurrected was enough to keep me content for close to eternity, but more exciting details have come in on the return of Arrested Development. Some of the cast, along with creator Mitch Hurwitz got together this evening in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasters event and Vulture was there to fill us in.

Plans are still moving forward to begin shooting this summer on the 10 proposed episodes, amping up for a feature film. The original idea was to have each episode focus on a single character with a self-contained story, but that plan is shifting to just “become more like the old show again.” No qualms here, as an even better development was revealed: all ten episodes will premiere on the exact same day sometime in 2013.

As everyone will be able to see them at the same time and in full (a 3-4 hour marathon sounds like a must for any die-hard fan), there isn’t a need to make the episodes as separate. With this format, Hurwitz will be able to sprinkle jokes and callbacks across all episodes for fans to discover and immediately re-watch. This is also a plus for newcomers, as one of AD’s initial struggles was attracting a fresh audience for those picking up mid-season. With so many shout-outs to previous jokes as they compounded on one another, it seemed to be a turn-off. Here, there is no excuse as they’ll all be available to stream at once on Netflix.

Hurwitz also revealed that with the online distribution, he hopes for bonus material to be readily available as fans can explore more aspects of the show including what I assume to be deleted scenes and content. No new details on movie were revealed however, but he did indicate that he’s open to the idea of more seasons on Netflix. The original idea was to have this fourth season be a test to see if the audience is there for a movie, but I’d be happy for more AD no matter what form it comes in. And get those law blogs ready, as everyone’s favorite lawyer, Bob Loblaw, will be returning. With all this wonderful news, I think I just blue myself.

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