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Bar Paly Latest Supermodel to Get Michael Bay Treatment; Tony Shalhoub Also Joins ‘Pain and Gain’

Written by on February 28, 2012 

What, you were expecting Tilda Swinton? Objects of desire who serve no greater purpose and gentlemen, we’re talking about Michael Bay, the one director who can find a pretty young underwear model, cast her, and make her a star. He did it for Megan Fox, he did it for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, and now he’s going to do it for Bar Paly.

Variety reports that the Israeli model will star for Bay in the upcoming Pain and Gain, in which she’ll be playing “Sabina Petrescu, an illegal immigrant and former beauty queen who dreams of becoming the next Marilyn Monroe.” It’s briefly mentioned that he “went back to the modeling pool” to find Paly, so just give me three minutes to brush my teeth.

If that also leaves you feeling a little unclean, remember that not all casting on a Michael Bay movie needs to have prurient undertones. Well, unless he really likes Tony Shalhoub.

Variety also tells us that the Monk actor will board in a role once rumored for John Turturro: Marc Schiller, a Miami businessman kidnapped and tortured by two bodybuilders (Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson). It’s a fairly pivotal character, too, seeing as he sets off much of the conflict, wherein a detective (Ed Harris) is hired by Schiller to track down his two captors. Knowing that, then, a gem like Shalhoub has to count as one of the wiser casting choices Bay‘s made in this entire process. All he had to do was go back to the Shalhoub pool.

With a main lineup that also includes Anthony Mackie and Rob Corddry, production on Pain and Gain will begin in about a month.

Does either piece of casting give you a different outlook on Pain and Gain?

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