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Bad Robot Find Secretive Soul Mate with Lance Armstrong Feature

Written by on January 18, 2013 

One company employs secrecy to make their projects seem more interesting than they, in fact, are; one man employed secrecy to make his accomplishments seem more incredible than they, in fact, were. You may not even realize it, but Bad Robot and Lance Armstrong are going to make very fine bedfellows.

If you, like I, watched the former cyclist’s Oprah-hosted confessional last night, you may have wondered when someone would get around to dramatizing all this for motion pictures. It has it all! Accomplishment, hubris, shame, controversy, deceit, and it played out in front of all our eyes over the course of more than a decade. Hollywood would be foolish not to approach this material to strike while the iron’s hot.

It turns out deals were already underway, as Deadline report that Bad Robot and Paramount — with J.J. Abrams and Bryan Burk producing for the former — have purchased rights to Juliet Macur‘s in-progress exposé, Cycle Of Lies: The Fall Of Lance Armstrong, which, not unlike another recently-launched focus on a disgraced sports figure, tells the whole story with an inside track. This author hasn’t been collecting interviews with anonymous interviewee, but actually been entrenched within Armstrong’s camp since the cyclist battled cancer, sticking around through the seven Tour de France wins and up to all the allegations concerning banned substances.

Those who followed the media coverage — even, those who were simply incapable of escaping it over these past several years — know how vehemently it was denied, and are, now, all the more privy to how much of it crashed down at the drop of a hat. Compelling drama? No matter how you feel about Armstrong, the right people (whoever that may be) bringing his story to life means Cycle of Lies (supposing that’s the title) is rife with potential. We could ask ourselves if it’s too soon or too late for a pulling of the curtains — I’m of the mind that things are only just starting to come to light, making now just perfect — but if it’s going to happen, big names are going to look at this with a keen eye.

Is Lance Armstrong’s story good material for a drama?

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