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Arnold Schwarzenegger & ‘Fast Five’ Director Justin Lin Team For ‘Terminator 5’

Written by on April 26, 2011 

I’m not sure why I didn’t believe the news that Fast Five director Justin Lin would be directing a fifth Terminator film. Part of me thinks that my fatigue with this entire series – only exemplified by the-why-does-it-even-exist Terminator Salvation – made me go into denial about seeing anything big from the series in the future.

Well, it’s time for me to wake up, as Deadline says that the director and series icon Arnold Schwarzenegger are working together on a fifth movie in the franchise, with the CAA agency sending out a rights package to studios today. The big impetus behind doing this now is the fact that Lin has Fast Five coming out this weekend, and that’s all but guaranteed to do extremely well at the box office, as well as Arnold‘s decision to get back into acting now that his run as Governor of California has ended.

While Salvation wasn’t a huge box office hit, it wouldn’t be that crazy to say another one could do well if the series lead actually appears, so the financial reasoning is certainly valid. Not to mention, the rights would go back to James Cameron in 2018, so there’s a need to get the series back up and running. It’s speculated that they could make two movies, at least if the first of them is successful. Universal, Sony and Lionsgate are said to be considering this package, and the inevitable success of Fast Five means that studios should really be interested in this on Monday.

Should they, though? The Terminator is something that has become pretty stale since…I don’t know, the end of the second one in 1991. Not only that, but how could they take Schwarzenegger and make him believable now? They were pushing it in 2003’s Terminator 3, and if this were to come out in 2013, that’s ten years later; it’s kind of insulting to expect us to believe it at that point. Actually, that’s exactly how I feel about people assuming that I want to see a fifth Terminator movie: kind of insulting.

Would you want to see a fifth Terminator movie? Is Justin Lin someone you want behind the camera, and do you think that Arnold Schwarzenegger should star?

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